Meet Ryan Raynaud, The HCPH Lab Director

Meet Ryan Raynaud, the Hill Country Pharm Haus Lab Director with a passion for helping others!

Originally from California, Ryan has always had a desire to help people improve their health. The medical field provided that opportunity, and after graduating from Med school, he began working in local hospitals. Ryan was doing what he loves and making a positive impact on other’s lives when a traumatic accident changed everything.

The accident left him with debilitating Grand Mal seizures and an epilepsy diagnosis. In addition to the physical symptoms and limitations, his diagnosis prevented him from continuing his work with patients. Ryan had no choice but to explore other possibilities.

And explore he did. Ryan started his career in the cannabis industry after finding a solution to his condition through high cbd strain cannabis. He helped pioneer the Rosin revolution gaining great reputation by helping others in his situation from young to old. He then relocated to northwest Washington state where he continued his fight against traditional medicine with great results. No longer frustrated with his diagnosis and dissatisfied with pharmaceutical options, Ryan spent a lot of time researching and learning about medical marijuana in hopes of finding a cure for his seizures. Ryan was heavily involved with medical marijuana grows. And with his medical training, he naturally began developing high CBD strains and designing health products for other companies.

“I was developing strains before anyone knew about CBD.”

The years of experimentation paid off. Ryan finally found relief from his seizures by incorporating CBD into his health regimen, and along the way he discovered a new calling with a familiar theme: to make CBD products for those in need.

Texas is Calling

After being seizure-free for an entire year, Ryan packed up and moved to Texas in 2018 to be closer to his daughters. Spending as much time as possible with them is a huge priority, despite the uncertainty that came with leaving the cannabis-friendly states of the west coast.

Adjusting to his new home in Texas was a bit of a challenge. Access to cannabis and CBD products was limited. In fact, he was quite surprised to discover CBD for sale in the Hill Country, and even more surprised when he walked into the professional atmosphere of Hill Country Pharm Haus.

Ryan struck up a conversation with the gentleman behind the counter, who was none other than our fearless leader, HCPH owner Chris Moss. As fate would have it, Chris was looking for someone with a scientific background and medical knowledge, who could run a lab and create natural CBD products.

HCPH’s dedication to health and wellness through CBD drew Ryan to the position. And as they say, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ryan was hired as the first-ever Hill Country Pharm Haus Lab Director.

The Lab Director

Ryan spends his days in the lab designing and manufacturing all products under the Hill Country Pharm Haus label. Each week the team meets to discuss client feedback and brainstorm new offerings. Then he heads back to the lab, makes a small batch of the latest product and prepares it for testing by third-party labs.

Once the team is confident that their latest CBD creation is ready for consumers, Ryan starts research and development on the next product. The result is a high-quality lineup of hemp-based products that puts Hill Country Pharm Haus at the forefront of the CBD industry in Texas.

Ryan loves the science of product creation and the satisfaction he gets in knowing that everything is created with the utmost care and highest standards. And once again, Ryan has found a way to help people — by educating them on health and wellness through CBD.

Outside the Lab

When he’s not in the lab, Ryan loves anything and everything outdoors. On the west coast, he spent a lot of his downtime on the beach, surfing and salmon fishing. So it’s no wonder he chose the lake life in Texas. He has taken up kayaking and mountain biking and still loves to fish.

Ryan is also passionate about music. He learned to play the violin in first grade, but switched to the guitar when he discovered Jimmy Hendrix at the age of 13. And for reasons unknown to him, he began to play the piano after a near-death experience. Clearly music is good for his soul.

As if Ryan’s plate isn’t already full, he’s recently become a regular teacher on the weekends at the Dallas/Fort Worth Academy of Cannabis Science. If you are in the area and interested in learning more about the science of cannabis, we highly recommend you check out his classes.

Your CBD Wellness Center in Texas

Hill Country Pharm Haus is focused on professional service and educating customers on the benefits of health and wellness through CBD products. Ryan’s creativity and expertise make him a valued asset to the Hill Country Pharm Haus team. Stop by the Canyon Lake Lab Monday through Friday, and Ryan he’ll happily share his CBD knowledge and HCPH product insights. Or shop our CBD wellness center online seven days a week. Our team is always here for you!

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