A Discreet and On-the-Go Alternative: CBD Oral Sprays

Hill Country Pharm Haus is committed to providing our customers with the most innovative ways to use and administer CBD. Have you tried our CBD oral sprays? Sublingual CBD products decrease the time it takes for users to feel the effects of the CBD.

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural chemical derived from a cannabis species with no psychoactive properties. While THC causes the “high” feeling many people achieve by using marijuana, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects.


CBD is well known for causing a feeling of calm as well as having several other therapeutic effects. People use CBD to treat chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, cancer, skin diseases, epilepsy, high blood pressure and other ailments. The list continues to grow. Sativex, available in some countries, is an oral spray that mixes THC and CBD to treat the pain associated with multiple sclerosis.

Why is CBD Oral Spray Use Growing?

CBD oral spray is one of the newest and most effective ways to ingest CBD. It is a sublingual method, meaning that it is applied in the mouth and mostly absorbed through the glands beneath the tongue. The benefit of administering CBD sublingually is that the medicine enters the bloodstream fast and users feel the effects sooner than if they swallow the CBD. The mouth is made up of soft tissue. CBD mouth sprays allow the CBD to move through the tissue immediately.

With oils and gummies, most of the medicine is swallowed and enters the body through the digestive system, a much slower process. CBD oral sprays work well because of their increased effect on bioavailability, or how much of a substance actually enters the bloodstream when ingested. More CBD is absorbed through the soft tissue of the mouth with an oral spray than with other sublingual CBD products.

Benefits of Sublingual CBD Products

Taste: While unflavored CBD oil often has a dirty or earthy taste, CBD oral sprays have added flavorings to make them taste good. Natural flavors such as lemon and peppermint are infused so that the spray taste is pleasing and gives the mouth an overall refreshed feeling.

Discreet: CBD oral sprays are easy to use and are one of the fastest ways to ingest CBD. The small size of the spray bottle means you can easily fit in your pocket or purse so you have it when you need it. People can use the them in public without attracting undue attention.

Dosage: Many people struggle with the correct dosage of CBD products, but oral sprays offer the same dosage every time. This makes for more predictable effects. This feature is also helpful for people who like to keep track of how much CBD they ingest and how it affects them.

Who Uses Oral Sprays?

CBD oral spray is best for people who prefer frequent small doses of CBD throughout their day while doing other things. Busy people who want something natural to induce calm in stressful situations can benefit from an oral spray. Oral sprays work best for situations when users need quick, discreet relief.

CBD sprays tend to be more discreet than the other methods, so they are easy to use in public throughout the day, even at work. The low dose of CBD in an oral spray will produce a subtle calm but will not make users feel drowsy or high.

Where Can I Purchase an Oral Spray?

Hill Country Pharm Haus offers three types of CBD sprays to treat different symptoms. Each spray contains 125mg of CBD and a blend of flavor extracts.

Pro Tip

To give your spray an extra boost, take deep breaths every time you use your CBD spray. Deep breathing is an organic way to calm your body. Deep breathing in conjunction with the CBD oral spray and the delightful flavors can be a powerful sign to your mind and body that it is time to relax or focus.

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