CBD for Pets: Improve Your Best Friend’s Quality of Life

At Hill Country Pharm Haus, we love pets and we don’t discriminate! Dogs, cats, horses — all of them. And America agrees. Pets are part of the modern-day stereotypical family in America.

Pets are so much a part of our culture that 85 million households in the United States have pets. And in those 85 million homes, Americans spent almost $72 BILLION dollars on their pets in 2018. That number went up $3 billion from the previous year.

The biggest portion of the $72 billion went toward pet food ($29.07 billion), next was vet care ($18.11 billion), and third was for supplies and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and supplements ($15.11 billion). Pet owners are dedicated to the health needs of their pets, and many have incorporated CBD pet products.

Why use CBD for pets?

There is no placebo effect for pets — either the CBD product will work or it won’t. All pets have cannabinoid receptors, and because there are no intoxifying effects with CBD, many pet owners are choosing natural CBD instead of prescription meds for pets. The best part about using CBD pet treatments is: CBD has shown to help a wide array of symptoms and ailments.

CBD products for pets is a growing trend that’s here to stay, just as it is for humans. In 2017, consumers spent $177 million in the United States on CBD products for themselves and $13 million on CBD products for their pets. Those numbers are projected to increase to $522 million for people and $125 million pets by the year 2022. Some sources have even predicted that the CBD market for pets could balloon to a $1.16 billion dollar industry in the United States alone by 2022.

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Where can I buy pet CBD oil in San Antonio?

Deciding which product might be best for your pet can be a scary and burdensome decision. That’s why all Hill Country Pharm Haus employees are CBD educators who are fully equipped to answer your pet CBD questions. Together you can choose the right product for your pet. Does you pet suffer from pain, anxiety, or seizures? Pharm Haus has several products to choose from that can help alleviate your best friend’s symptoms.

You can find organic hemp-derived CBD products for your pets at Hill Country Pharm Haus. Our trusted pet products are grown in the United State and manufactured here in the Hill Country. Our CBD wellness centers carry CBD oil for horses, CBD oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats, as well as CBD dog treats.

How do I give my pet CBD?

If you aren’t sure whether your pet will like or benefit from CBD, please stop by your local Hill Country Pharm Haus or contact HCPH online. Always start low and then monitor your pet/s afterward. This is the best way to determine dosing. Once a proper dose is determined, monitoring your pet is still vital to ensure that dosing requirements do not changed.

Hill Country Pharm also offers organic, hemp-derived CBD oil for your four-legged family members. Oils may be dropped under the tongue, put into water, or mixed into food. Hill Country Pharm Haus formulates its own pet CBD oils in two strengths: 250mg and 500mg. If you are not sure about dosing, contact the HCPH team.

If your dog is eating well and still loves a good treat, our hemp-derived CBD pet chews are a favorite. The blueberry, grain-free Treatibles Hard Chews comes in both a small or large bag. And we’ve known other types of pets to enjoy them too. Our Pharm Haus CBD educators can help you determine the number of chews appropriate for your pet. Depending on its size, we often recommend starting with the small bag to introduce your pet to CBD, then increase to the money-saving large bag to provide your pet consistent relief.

Is your beloved pet a horse? We love our horses and appreciate their majestic nature, and we want them to live comfortably. Pharm Haus has created an organic Equine Therapy Horse Oil to keep your horse calm in the shoots but ready for action. CBD has shown to help with Colic, relieves anxiety during the shoeing process, and aids in muscle recovery and joint support. HCPH invests a lot of time and money into equine CBD product research and development. Our products are tested by local Texas Ranchers and Team Ropers right here in the Canyon Lake and New Braunfels area.

CBD for pets in the Hill Country

We Americans love our pets and want to keep them around as long as possible. If your pet’s health isn’t quite what it used to be, maybe CBD pet products can help. Stop by any of our locations to speak with our CBD educators and learn more about our product options for your four-legged family member.

If we’re too far to drive, you can buy CBD pet products right here on our website. Order online and your products will be shipped out same day. If you need assistance before you place an order, please feel free to call any of our Pharm Haus locations or use the HCPH online contact form.

Hill Country Pharm Haus is your reliable source for all CBD products in Canyon Lake, Sequin, New Braunfels, the Texas Hill Country and beyond.

CBD for Pets

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